Reliant Information Technology Solutions, LLC has a long list of satisfied customers. Here is what a few of them have to say about their experience with Reliant.


Taurus Power & Controls, Inc. is an engineering firm based out of Tualatin, OR. We have built our business and reputation based on the high quality work of our employees. Taurus currently employs Reliant Information Technology Solutions, LLC for all of its network administrative needs and more.
Taurus has over 50 employees and does not have a dedicated internal IT department; we put our part-time IT needs in the hands of the full-time IT experts. Reliant Information Technology Solutions has been invaluable in aiding Taurus on the technical installation and troubleshooting of these complex database, trending, and historian systems.
Taurus has an internal network that operates a number of extensive control programs that are widely used in the industrial and commercial sectors. Reliant Information Technology has the ability to understand and help facilitate some of the more complicated parts of the control system programs throughout our company and further aid us in implementing them into the real world.
Reliant Information Technology Solutions is a company that Taurus has been able to rely upon 24 hours a day-7 days a week. Reliant has tenacity for problem solving that is unmatched in the networking industry. Reliant continues to enable Taurus to operate at maximum efficiency without having to employ an internal IT Department.
- Scott L. Kinney, President
  Taurus Power & Controls, Inc.
I now have been working with Reliant Information Technology for a year in my Chiropractic Office. I decided to get the HIPAA and vulnerability scan because I wanted to make sure my patients’ information was safe from the outside world. I have a friend who is also a chiropractor, and was recently impacted by the laws and suffered some losses. He was unaware of the HIPAA laws and what kind of fines could result from not be protected, and I was not willing to risk my new business being attacked while also putting my clients in jeopardy. Once the test was ran, I was amazed on how many attacks I was getting hit with everyday. Reliant informed me if I didn’t do the remediation’s that came up off of their audits I could, and likely would, be in trouble down the line. After the remediation’s, I was instantly relieved. My mind is still set at ease knowing that I am taking care of my IT and security needs.
Reliant Information Technology's customer service is incredible. If they can’t fix it over the phone, they will send a consultant to your company helping to ensure you don’t lose business due to your network being down. I can’t tell you how many times my network has given me trouble and the countless hours I have tried to fix it inevitably keeping me from treating patients. Since I have had Reliant Information Technology Solutions, I can honestly say they have paid for themselves 10 times over.
- Dr. Jonathan Kinney, DC, BS
  Performance & Spine Chiropractic Center


Prior to consulting with Reliant Information Technology Solutions, my wife and I were under the impression that we had no choice but to purchase a new computer. Our computer was extremely sluggish, would freeze and did not have the capacity to operate more than one program at a time. Reliant took what was a worthless computer and reformatted it back into a high functioning system. They also made sure our computer had the proper security software to ensure optimum protection. Our computer now runs like it did 4 years ago when we first purchased it. This alone, saved us hundreds of dollars.
Not only did they provide us excellent service with the computer itself, but more importantly, they took the time to provide the knowledge we needed to maintain and protect our computer moving forward. We could not have asked for a better experience in working with Reliant Information Technology Solutions.
- Brandon Olson