Security Audit and Remediation

The Reliant Security Audit and Remediation service enables you to discover security vulnerabilities and deficiencies and then implements corrective measures to obtain a secure and manageable infrastructure. Reliant’s Security Audit and Remediation service will help you answer the following question:


How do I prepare for an information system examination/audit?

Prior to your scheduled regulated examination/audit, Reliant will prepare you, your system, and your system policies to minimize the deficiencies and risk.

What to do with the findings after an information system examination/audit?

Following an audit or assessment, Reliant will work with you to address any findings/recommendations. We will plan, prioritize, assign cost, and implement the changes as needed.

How to secure myself?

Reliant truly believes that security is a process and not a product. A foundation to a good security practice starts with you and then transfers to your information system.