Information Security Audit

The Reliant Information Security Audit enables you to understand and manage your risk by answering your questions

  • How secure am I?
  • How am I logging my network activities?
  • How secure are my routers/infrastructure?
  • How protected are my workstations and servers?
  • What are my Information Technology Policies?
  • What are my Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity plans?
  • What are my Data Encryption Policies?
  • What are my Password Security Policies?
  • Will my firewall/firewall configuration protect me in an attack?
  • What are my Physical Security Policies?
Where should I be?

You can rely on Reliant’s experience to help you.

How do I get there?

Knowing your network is only half the battle. Taking the network report Reliant provides to safeguard your network is the next step. Our recommendations are practical and geared toward your specific needs. Reliant’s final report is often used as a checklist to remediate the deficiencies found.