Information Security Audit

The Reliant Information Security Audit enables you to understand and manage your risk by answering your questions.

Security Audit & Remediation

The Reliant Security Audit and Remediation service enables you to discover security vulnerabilities and deficiencies and then implements corrective measures to obtain a secure and manageable infrastructure.

Healthcare & HIPAA Compliance Review

Reliant Information Technology Solutions assist healthcare organizations in complying with HIPAA's Privacy and Security Rules to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of a patient's protected health information.

Network Planning Service

Reliant assists customers to develop architectural network solutions prior to any network deployment. Customers can have total confidence that Reliant will provide the optimum solution for their network needs.

Web Design & Development

At Reliant Information Technlogy Solutions we create websites to fill your needs -- whether for personal or business needs. We know that visual matters... and that’s why we always make a big thing out of it!


Areas of Expertise

Networking Your Business

We specialize in planning, consulting and managing efficient and secure network infrastructures, and in that regard we can:

  • Create a network infrastructure and introduce it across all level of your business
  • Assist you through all step of selecting your network equipment and software
  • Define and execute a secure and efficient company-wide network policy
  • Evaluate your network’s weaknesses



IT Technology

Reliant Information Technlogy Solutions, LLC. prides itself on having year of practical experience through applying our solutions in business-critical, real-life ventures. Our area of expertise in IT consulting cover:

  • Preparation and review of development methodology and project management processes
  • Expertise in selecting the right IT tools for the right job – based on full analysis of performance-ratio for every critical component of your system
  • Design and implementation of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) solutions across all level of your network and business
  • Optimization of existing IT applications and solutions – planning and design for effectiveness and scalability

Security & Usability

At Reliant Information Technology Solutions, LLC. we recognize the value security and usability, and for that reason we can:

  • Help you create an effective and secure network infrastructure as well as analyze your infrastructure from an usability point of view
  • Take care of network security design of your company following business requirement and technical guidelines as well as usability guidelines


We We Do

Consulting Services

Our consulting services aims to help companies increase their overall performance by managing changes at the edge of three main areas: business processes and strategy, IT technology, and finally, security solutions.

We can offer you in-depth analysis of your network infrastructure strengths and weaknesses, as well as providing you with a completely new network infrastructure. We can also help you select the right development methodology and IT processes fitted to your specific needs, as well as advise you on how to plan and execute network security strategies.


Networking & Network Security Audits

In completing an Network Security audit we undertake a complete or partial review and analysis of your existing IT infrastructure, technology solutions and existing applications. Such audit consists also of analysis of IT processes and methodology used within your company.

Finally, apart from analysis and auditing, our role can be also extended to actually implementing proposed changes. In such cases we can take responsibility for active project management and/or change management according to agreed requirements.


Network Design & Implementation

As part of the Network Design and Implementation service, we can take full control of planning, execution and management of ongoing development of your network infrastructure - from determining the right tools, technology and platform suited for your specific needs to on-going work with on- and off-site members of your team, in order to accomplish the project on an agreed deadline and within an agreed budget.