About Us

At Reliant Information Technology Solutions, LLC we are helping our clients to plan, execute and manage various network security projects and IT related ventures. Our areas of expertise cover IT consulting and project management, network security and IT technology expertise, including managing network infrastructure, network design and network security audits as well as network security policies and vulnerabilities management services.  

Mission Statement

Our mission is simple: To deliver the best customer service while making technology an asset to your company, and giving you the solutions to keep your business one step ahead.


There are many reasons why our service is superior to that of other IT consulting companies out there, and here's why:

Driven by Results


We always remember that at the central point of any project there’s a business that need to be profit- able. We are driven by fulfilling that requirement and that’s why all our solutions and ideas have one thing in common – to maximize return and minimize costs.


Customer's Value Creation


For us a good customer is a happy customer, it’s as simple as that. Turning customers into happy customers with profitable business is a primary goal for us, because it creates a win-win situation where we are most likely to become long - term partners together.

Lateral Solutions


When it comes to creating successful businesses, one needs to be an expert in business analysis and IT solutions as well as security. We pride ourselves in having expertise in all three areas which lets us provide truly complex business solutions.


Deep Integration and Alignment


When working with our customers, we understand and respect the people, structures and processes which they consist of. By understanding business goals and strategies, and maximizing horizontal alignment between both companies, we are able to provide you with solutions that are created for your specific business needs.

Always on time and on Budget


We recognize the importance of a deadline and budgeting when it comes to business-critical projects. That’s why we know when to say “no”. If we take on a project, we guarantee to provide you with agreed results, always on time and within a budget.


Respect Individuality


We love working with people in happy, vibrant teams, building great and innovative solutions that will help your company reach its destiny!